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One of the biggest prejudices of the intelligence and security agencies, especially in panaji, goa, is how they are falsely linking car driving with education and wealth, when there is no connection at all. Many of the truck, cargo , car drivers are excellent drivers, yet they are not very well educated. Most of the better drivers have been driving their vehicle from a young age, usually in the twenties. They are also living with their families.

In goa, most of the young people live with their parents, at least till they get married, They can use their families car, or other vehicles, when young, and they do not have to purchase a vehicle. On the other hand, some one who has gone to a metro city for studies and work, often has no place to stay. Initially they struggle, living in hostels and other places, and cannot afford to purchase their own car, at least for the first 5-6 years.

So many of the people like the domain investor, who have actually lived and worked in metro cities, do not have a vehicle. Also married women usually have their husband, (or women with boyfriends) to teach them driving or help them while single women have no one to help them in any way. Also in metro cities, the public transport system is fairly good, so no vehicle is required. Many women drivers are harassed, so they prefer not to drive. In panaji buses, most of the passengers are women, some appear well off.

Hence instead of being blinded by prejudice, it is time to stop linking education with driving a vehicle. Driving is a skill, which some people acquire and others do not, because of various reasons.

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