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If you’re looking for a place to go out and see a lot of classic cars then look no further than Havana Cuba. Havana is filled with classic American cars from before the Cuban revolution, as well as a ton of old Russian Ladas – cars that originated from the Soviet Union period.

All of these cars came out of the 1960’s to 1980’s era. Traveling is Cuba is like a trip through time as you’re instantly transported to something akin to a time warp that is strange and peculiar in ways unimagined, but nonetheless an excellent opportunity for car enthusiasts to see a variety of cars.  

When the streets of Cuba are not filled with cars, it’s a sight to see. There are all types of strange looking vintage cars filled with chrome and different colors reminiscent of an old candy machine.

All of these cars are before the American Embargo in 1960. This is over 70 years of cars being in use and it’s amazing the ingenuity and mechanics that has made this possible. Most of these cars as one could infer have been refitted a lot in order to keep up with the long wear and tear of driving.  Any American classic car out there has polished chrome and is still sailing smooth through the streets.

Proliferation of Vehicles

A lot of the vehicles have reached different areas of the economy and the taxi services out in Cuba are no exception. A lot of the taxis fit three people and can weave in and out of traffic without a problem.

These taxis are motorcycle carriages and are unique to the area because of their widespread use.

The drivers have to be careful with their cars out here when driving up and down the main streets next to Malecon. The salt spray from the sea can have a detrimental affect on the cars. After a while a lot of the rust can start to build up on the underside and destroy what color is left from the car.

This is especially difficult for the chrome on the car. Either way Havana, is a unique city in the world with the proliferation of old school 1950’s classics. The cars are a sight to see during any part of the day and have a sort of elegance to them from their classiness.

The cars themselves are a sort of metaphor for Cuban city as it shows the stagnancy that was left in the country, but how the new generations are upholding old traditions and making once foreign things their own. People would be hard pressed to find another area in the world that has this sort of nostalgia for old cars and uses them in their day to day life. One could even argue that this is one of the only places in the world to have this sort of dynamic.

That is what makes Cuba unique and a wonder to see for people looking for the classics out there.



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